Saturday, April 30, 2011

I have a new goal

And it's a goal I rather like.

I'll show you a picture of my goal (isn't that just awesome that I can show you a picture of my goal?)

Yes. A roller coaster.

Last year, for my brother's birthday, we (me, my best friend, and both of my brothers) went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I was probably about the weight I am now. I got on all the rides we wanted to go one... except one. And it was so embarrassing. 

This is what the seats look like:

You see that orange belt handing down? It buckles in to the shoulder harness thing to help keep it down and you in. I tried and tried to get that thing to buckle on my own with no luck. There was only like half an inch to go, and I couldn't do it. An attendant came over to help. He couldn't do it, so he called someone else to help. So here I am trying to suck it in and pull my boobs as flat as possible, the guy is pushing the harness thing down and the chick is trying to get the buckle in.

After about an hour of waiting in line, I had to get off the ride and let my bff and brothers go by themselves. 

All because I was too fat.

I would hate to think what it would have been like had I been at my original weight of 310. So much worse.

I love theme parks. I love roller coasters. I love theme park rides. Hell, I love carnival rides (my uncle was a carnie and took me to carnivals all the time growing up).

So, my new goal: Lose 50 pounds by the middle of July. That'll bring me down to 240 and I will (hopefully) be able to fit into that damn ride. I will conquer it! Maybe I'll even have a picture taken of me fitting into the seat. That would be awesome.

Watch out, Riddler! This Super Jassi is coming to kick your ass!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sorry for not posting in a little bit.

I've just been a bit frustrated.

Past few days I've been going out with friends, which constitutes eating out. I've been good and have actually been eating less while at the restaurants, stopping when I'm full. I've been a good girl.

But I've been weighing myself just about daily and I haven't lost anything. At all.

I haven't been to the gym this week. I don't want to strain my mom's knees and have them get all swollen again. So this may be part of it.

All I keep thinking, though, is that when I was dieting last year, all I did was eat less (not even really calorie counting just eating less) and sitting on my ass and I lost two pounds a week. Now I'm actually paying attention to how much I'm eating a day and I'm drinking water (not as much as I should be but more than I was) and I'm not losing anything.


Maybe it's stress. My college is driving me insane in more than the normal way. They're cutting classes, got rid of my major, are combining my second choice major with another major and I don't know what to do.

But come on! Can't I have a break somewhere?

Le sigh.

Stupid gut.

Anyone got any kind of tips. Anything at all?


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beyond Willpower Contest

Beyond Willpower is holding a contest for the cookbook pictured above. I recently started following her after another blog I follow posted about the contest. You should go check her out :)

Here's a link to the actual contest post, so go check it out! Contest ends April 22

Weekly Weigh In 04/16

Meh, this week could have been better. I've settled on counting calories. My caloric intake is 2030 a day. The week started out great on the exercising, then things got hard because of different things so the last few days I haven't been at the gym.

So, stats:

Starting: 290 (yeah, my weight went back up :/)
Current: 289

Sadly, I had actually gone down to 286 mid week, but we ordered pizza one night and wham... guh. Stupid pizza. 

Next week will be better!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Then The Morning Comes

So, I've been stalling these past two weeks or so, as I'm sure y'all have noticed.

But! Tomorrow is a new day and I WILL be starting. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I will be doing calorie counting (blech) using my lovely notebook I made just for dieting.

I will be going to the gym every morning with my mom and we'll be working in the weight machine room. After Momma goes back to the doctor and finds out her knees are all right, we're going to be doing an indoor cycling class from 5 to 7 days a week in the evening while doing the weight room in the morning. And once the baseball season is over (in June if I recall correctly) we're going to add Zumba every Sunday to our schedule. Is that a lot of stuff to be doing? No, not really. Could be more. Could always be more.

But anyhow! It all starts with just the weight room for about 45 minutes to an hour. That's 3 sets of 12 on each machine and theres about... 12 machines. Oh I am going to be sore the next day. But it will be for a good reason!

I need to lose 10 pounds by the end of the month cause I'm going to a theme park. Fingers crossed!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So... I think I'm going to have to start things over. This week, so far, has sucked. My self control is like "what? what is this self control you speak of?" It's just not there. So... here I go to count calories. I made myself a diet journal today that I absolutely love. It's so pretty! And yes, I made it from scratch. I like doing things like that. I actually made notebooks for all my friends for Christmas one year, from the look of the covers to the design on the pages. It was awesome.

But anyways, here's my diet journal:
This is the front cover. At the beginning of my journey, I am far, far away 
from my goal, but I'm still working for it!
This is the first page. The castle and the swirly bits are from the paper used on the
front and back covers. The words are Jack Sh*t's post from today, because I
feel it fits how I feel with the diet today and it's actually rather inspiring.
This is the back page. On one side I'm going to put my before picture, and the 
other side will be after, obviously. I'm waiting for the before picture
to be printed and sent to me.
And this is the back. I'm working towards my Happily Ever After!

There's no pictures of the pages because all I did was take graph paper and fold it in half. There's about 200 pages in there. Yes, I'm weird, I like writing on graph paper.

Naw, I didn't make the front and back, they were scrap booking paper that I cut down, stuck on board and made into the front and back covers. I'm not that artistically inclined.

Anyways, I need to work on my self control and maybe this will help. It'll be so much fun! I think I might actually write in this in black, to keep it look classy, rather than my normal purple ink. I'm going to need a lot of support (yey three readers!) even if it's just 'good for you!' lol

I haven't been able to go to the gym cause my mom's knees have been in pain, and she's my gym buddy. And this past Monday, I woke up just before five in pain, so my mom let me sleep in. But we should be going to the gym tomorrow.  My mom got some knee braces for her knees and they seem to be helping.

I know I was going to talk about something else, but I completely forget...

Oh, I'm looking for different kinds of diets from calorie counting all the way to the Paleo diet. Anything at all. Also, anyone got any ideas for how to have better self control, other than just... doing it? Things like chewing bubble gum, etc.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flow Temple

It's so much fun!

If you don't know what Flow Temple is, check it out here.

My best friend does the contact sticks class, and knows a little poi, so she taught me some today. My god I love it. I'm going to sign up for the next classes. It's a great work out, too. And if I learn poi well enough, I can do awesome things with glow sticks on strings!


Ok, that's about all I have to say.

Good luck out there!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I've often heard that a good way to lose weight, to get yourself motivated, is to imagine what you want. Maybe even get pictures of thin women to remind you of what you want to look like.

That doesn't work for me. Looking at a thin woman, or knowing that I want to be 150 lbs (which is a healthy weight for my 5'8") and imagining how I will look at that size... I just shrug and be like "yeah, ok, so? She's skinny, I'm not, big deal."

I think I know why.

I don't imagine myself as fat. In my head, I'm smaller than I actually am. Yes, this gets destroyed when I see myself in a mirror or, more likely, a window outside.

Like an anti-anorexic view of myself.

It also makes actually seeing myself harder than it probably should be.

I think I'm going to get some pictures of fat women to remind myself of what I don't want to look like. Maybe that'll get my engine running.

Wish me luck...

Weekly Weigh In

So, this week was kind of a hassle of finding what worked for me and what didn't. So I didn't have that great of a week, but every loss is a loss, right?

Starting: 290
Current: 289.5

My scale works in .5 increments. So I only lost half a pound, but that's a-ok, considering midway through the week I was up at 293 0.0

Hopefully next week will be better!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Well that was quick...

So... I quit the Master Cleanser. Cause it sucks. Going cold turkey from food just doesn't work well from me, so I'm going back to what I was originally doing: eating less, exercising more.

I think that's the best thing for me, really. I'm not good at counting calories, cause I feel that just too obsessive (if you do it, go you! it's just not for me), and obviously going cold turkey doesn't work either. So some kind of balance.

Wish me luck!