Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 3 Stats

So, I've been sick all week and haven't been able to hit the gym (upper respiratory infection makes it hard as hell to breath on top of asthma :( ). I also went out to a friends house and I suppose she eats out like, every night for dinner, so this past weekend wasn't too great on the food front. Also was at a birthday party with Cuban food (it's good, but I think it's mostly fried in oil). BUT! I only put on a pound, so it ain't all that bad.

weight: 289
hips: 54
waist: 45
bust: 52
thigh: 27
minutes: 180

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 2 Stats

I love being sick, lol.

I forgot to post my stats from last week

Last weeks:
Weight 294
Hips 54.5"
Waist 46"
Bust 54.5"
Thigh 27"
Minutes Exercised 240

This weeks:
Weight 288 (yey!)
Hips 54"
Waist 45"
Bust 53.5"
Thigh 27"
Minutes Exercised 165

I lost 6 pounds! Yey!

I could have done more exercise this week, but I was sick >.< Like could't-breath-sick, so I wasn't about to go to the gym and die.

Don't know what else to report, so later!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Sick :/

Sorry for the lack of postage. Been sick all week with an upper respiratory infection. Went to the gym twice this week, Monday and Tuesday, but couldn't breath too well after that. But I haven't been eating too much either and have lost 5 pounds so far! Yey!

Hoping to get back to exercising soon.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let's Get It On

Today starts the awesome June/July Challenge held by Amanda over at Diary of a Mad Fat Woman.

Here are my stats for the beginning:

Weight: 295 (oh the shame)
Bust: 54.5
Hips: 57.5
Waist: 48
Thighs: 29

Yeah, I seem to be stuck around 295. But I will kick ass with this! I will get back down to 289 and using my little trackers up there! I will do it! And better yet, I CAN do it!

Oh yeah.

Let's do this.