Sunday, May 8, 2011

Woohoo (Anyone out there still?)

Is anyone still reading? *blinks*

Anyhow, I found an awesome game for the Xbox kinect.

First, I'll give a little bit of background.

When I first started this blog, I went through a bunch of other weight loss blogs and on one of them, the woman had a little tab for something called Zumba. So I looked into it. Sadly the only class my gym offers is on Sundays, and I can't do Sundays. So I thought I would get the Zumba game for the Xbox.

I will tell you now that if you have not taken at least 5 Zumba classes, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. It doesn't teach you the moves very well at all. So I took it back to GameStop the next day (today) and exchanged it for a game called Dance Central.

When I couldn't learn the moves on the Zumba game, I went to the GameStop site and looked at the reviews for it, see if maybe I had the wrong setting on it or something. Other people said the same thing I just told you, and one chick even suggested the Dance Central game. I went and checked out the reviews and everyone said they loved it, that it taught you the steps and everything.

This game is AWESOME. AWESOME I tell you!

I had so much fun playing it! It will now become my nightly regime. Yey!

As far as my weight goes... Let's not talk about that. It's a bad thing.


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